Introducing Movement Re-imagined


October 26, 2023

Sam holding the guide - it is an A4 sized booklet with a colourful front page, including a photo of people dancing and the words 'Movement Re-imagined: Unlocking joy and expression through dance for older adults'

The Movement Re-imagined Guide

Movement Re-imagined is a unique resource for organisations and groups supporting the wellbeing of older adults in Calderdale.

It provides guidance and inspiration to spark ideas and explore the possibilities of creative movement within a range of settings – encouraging play, joy, and expression as foundations to movement.

Curious Motion grew from a single series of dance sessions for older adults in Elland, and we are delighted to be able to share what we have learnt so far with this guide!

It is informed by years of experience and includes example activities and inspiration to start you off on your own dancing journey.

A huge thank you to Fiona Woodhead for the beautiful design and to Creative Minds for their support in making this happen.

Movement Re-imagined is FREE for groups and organisations in Calderdale. There are 20 printed guides available, including free sensory props, and it will be available online too.

If you would like one please contact us on hello@curiousmotion.org.uk


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