About us

Making a difference in communities…

Our mission is to promote connection, diversity, and creativity through artistic experiences that enable people and communities to discover who they are; creating a sense of belonging, pride, wellbeing and kindness. Our work is inclusive and innovative, bringing new wellbeing opportunities to people of all ages and backgrounds

We are based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire – a place of kindness and resilience with a rich and distinct heritage that inspires us every day.

Our Values


Sam McCormick


Sam is a professional dance artist with over 15 years of experience working in communities. She is passionate about proving inclusive and creative opportunities that enable people to feel connected, empowered, and well.

Susan Burns


Susan has over 20 years of experience producing theatre and arts events in communities, and alongside founding Curious Motion with Sam, she is CEO and Creative Producer for Huddersfield based theatre organisation, Chol.